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Many business owners work on the assumption that all traffic is equal, and that a site with tons of visitors is better than a smaller site with less traffic. However, it's also important to consider the quality and relevance of that traffic. A small, niche site with a loyal and responsive audience is often better than a larger site that covers a wide variety of unrelated topics. These niche visitors will be more likely to engage with you one-on-one, and to be interested in your offer (see # 3 above). By way of example: I've guest blogged on huge sites that receive hundreds of thousands or even millions of pageviews a day, and have received 400 views and little to no referral traffic. Conversely, I've guest posted on much smaller sites and received thousands of views and dozens or even hundreds of leads. Which one sounds more appealing to you? 5. Using it solely as a way to get inbound links. Google has been very clear that guest blogging just for links is not okay . In fact, using it for that purpose is what gave guest blogging the reputation of being spammy in the first place. Apart from being frowned on by Google, it's just not a wise business decision. Approaching guest blogging with the mindset that "I'm only doing this for the link" tends to lead to low-quality content, and that isn't good for anyone -- especially your business. Instead, focus on using guest posting as a way to build interesting content for the readers and an awareness of your business. When you create good information for the readership in the first place, your  guest posting will naturally generate beneficial traffic and leads for you. A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself, "Would I be contributing this post even if I wasn't getting a link back to my site?" 6.

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